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Beginning September 1st, please visit us at our new location: 1551 116th AVE NE, Suite C, Bellevue, WA 98004. If you need to navigate to our location during the month of August, type in the following address into your phone/ navigation system: 2025 116th AVE NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. Thank you.

We know how disappointing it can be to endure repeated “one size fits most” treatments for chronic acne without ever seeing the results you had hoped for. Bellevue Acne Clinic is a medical dermatology center that was specifically created to provide highly personalized care for patients who have not seen success with traditional treatments. Our continued success with patients is a result of our holistic approach, encompassing the latest in both prescription and all-natural solutions. Our team develops a comprehensive treatment plan that is uniquely yours based on your skin and your lifestyle. We will walk you through recommendations in detail. We will meet with you regularly to evaluate your progress and make any adjustments to your plan. And we guarantee you will see 97% decrease in the size and number of acne in six months.

latest skin care treatments

Through prescription and non-prescription medication, we find you the most effective treatments to restore your skin to its optimal state.

Natural skin care treatments

Use the body’s natural healing powers with nutritional supplements, vitamins and tinctures to restore balance in your body and skin.

cosmetic treatments

Improve your skin with interventions that help treat fine lines and wrinkles in aging skin with facial treatments, such as Botox,  at a very low cost.

Treatment plans

6-month treatment plans that guarantees a cure for acne
*Costs will vary depending on your insurance plan. Visit FAQ for more information.

real patient ratings

“I am a very happy customer of the Bellevue Acne Clinic! I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants a personalized skin care plan with fast results that doesn’t cost a fortune!”

“Seriously amazing! My acne completely cleaned up! “

“If you are unhappy with your skin and feel hopeless – call Bellevue Acne Clinic!”